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Welcome! I’m Chasing Cheetah!

I am Chasing Cheetah. I am one fast cheetah. My hobbies are volleyball, soccer, and dance.  In volleyball, I like to serve the ball.  In soccer, my job is to play forward and score the goals.  I do hip hop and tap dance once a week.  I like doing different activities where I get to move.

Playing games is another thing I like to do with my friends.  My favorites games are Sorry and Uno Attack.  When you play Sorry, you get to make the opponent go back to start if you get the Sorry card.  I like Uno Attack because the cards come out as fast as a cheetah.

These are my favorite games.

Traveling is fun when I go to different places.  Three of my favorite places that I have been to are Kentucky, Puerta Vallarta, and Palm Springs.  In Kentucky, I got to see all the horses and I stayed with a close friend of mine who showed me all around the city.  Puerta Vallarta was fun because I went to the beach, got my hair braided, and got to paint pottery.  I love Palm Springs because I get to see Grandma Cheetah and her dog.  When I am there, we go to the zoo, play tennis, go to the pool, and relax.


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4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello Chasing Cheetah!

    I enjoyed reading your blog post. I would love to see a Cheetah doing hip hop and tap dancing!

    My name is Mrs. Christi Henry, and I am a reading teacher from Pennsylvania. I also love playing games! Because all K-12 schools in the state of PA are closed right now to help stop the spread of COVID-19, I have been at home playing lots of games with my family. We love Sorry Sliders (kind of a combination of Sorry and shuffleboard). We also love cribbage, Chess, Othello, and Clue. We think it would be funny to dress up as our Clue character the next time we play together.

    I also love to travel. As I am not even supposed to leave my house right now, I am daydreaming about safely travelling to far away lands. My family and I visited Yosemite National Park a few years ago. It was my favorite vacation of all time! I also love Key West, FL. and the upper Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.

    Wishing you a wonderful day! Stay healthy!

    Your friend,
    Mrs. Henry

  2. @ Mrs. Henry

    Thank you for responding to my blog. I love playing games with my family. I also have played Clue and I even have watched the movie Clue, which was very good. If you haven’t seen it you should watch it. I saw you were talking about Yosemite National Park. I have been never been but I have seen pictures of Yosemite and it looks amazing.
    I went to Red Rock last year in Colorado. It was beautiful. I climbed up and down the stairs a few times. I hope I can go back there soon. Stay safe.

    Your friend,
    Chasing Cheetah

  3. Hi Chasing Cheetahs,

    I like your blog name because it is very creative. I like playing soccer and volleyball, and I used to do Jazz. I like playing UNO, but I haven’t played Sorry yet. I love travelling as well, but I have only been to Singapore, Malaysia and Nepal. I have never been to America, how is Los Angeles like?


  4. @ Iampriya

    Thank you for responding to my blog. You should try Sorry some time it is like the game Trouble. What is your favorite game? Los Angeles is a beautiful place we have beaches but I have heard that the beaches in Australia are nicer. I have never done jazz but it looks fun.
    Schools here are still closed. I hope you are staying safe.

    Your blogging buddy
    Chasing Cheetah

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