My 12 Quarantine Essentials


Mrs. Yollis challenged us to collect 12 items that I use during the quarantine.  Here are all of the things I use.

  1.  Lego – I have been having fun building Lego with my cheetah bro.  This is a fun thing for us to do together.
  2. Journal -I use this to draw and write stories when my eyes get tired from my computer.
  3. Wipes – These are important because I help my cheetah mom wipe things down.
  4. Mask – Whenever I go out scootering, biking, or walking I wear this.
  5. Goggles – I have been spending a lot of time in the pool with my goggles and cheetah family.
  6. Schedule – This helps me know what to do during my day at school.
  7. Slime – I enjoy making and playing with slime.  I like butter slime because of the way it feels.
  8. Maple – I love spending quality time with her.  I got her during quarantine and she is making this time at home more fun.
  9. Phone – I have fun taking pictures, playing games, and face timing with my grandparents on this.
  10. Hand Sanitizer – This helps me when I touch something.  I use it to wash my hands.
  11. Water Bottle – It is really good to drink water all day.  I try to drink two of these each day.
  12. Acer – This computer helps me with so many things.  Without this I would not be able to do my school work and blog.

What essential do you have on your list?

Please comment on one of my posts.  Stay safe!

2 thoughts on “My 12 Quarantine Essentials

  1. My eyes get tired of the computer too! You are so smart to write in your journal. I’m going to take your advice and maybe start writing more in a journal too!

    I loved reading what has helped you! Hope you’ll get to add some items to your collection for summer!!

  2. Thanks for taking the challenge Chasing Cheetah’s. My students also really enjoyed the challenge and they shared in so many different ways. I love that your family has a new pet now. One thing I noticed show up in my students’ essentials were their pets. I live in a place that does not allow me to have a pet but thankfully when I go for walks I get to see many wonderful animals. What is one thing you wish you had for your quarantine that you don’t?

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